• Categories removal

    Categories endpoints have been removed.

  • Curated Collections deprecation

    Curated Collections are now deprecated. This includes endpoints:

    • GET /collections/curated
    • GET /collections/curated/:id
    • GET /collections/curated/:id/photos
    • GET /photos/curated

    Existing curated collections will continue to be returned from these endpoints, but no new data will be added. They are now also included in the regular /collections endpoints.

  • Abbreviation of current_user_collections

    For performance reasons we are removing some of the deeply-nested objects returned in the current_user_collections photo attribute. current_user_collections returns a list of collection objects, which will no longer include the user or cover_photo information.

    This change only affects requests made by logged-in users. Logged-out requests (i.e., those made with Client-ID authorization) will see no change.

  • Categories EOL

    Categories endpoints won’t yet 404, but are returning empty data structures. e.g., /categories/:id/photos => []

  • Instagram username now public

    Both full and abbreviated user responses now include the instagram_username attribute without requiring the read_user scope.

  • Filter photo search results by orientation

    The /search and /search/photos/ endpoints will now accept an orientation parameter, and return photos only matching that. Valid values are landscape, portrait, and squarish.

  • Updated API Guidelines

    We’ve updated the official Unsplash API Guidelines to include two new technical guidelines for all API applications:

    • All API uses must use the hotlinked image URLs returned by the API under the photo.urls properties. More info & examples →
    • When your application performs something similar to a download (like when a user chooses the image to include in a blog post, set as a wallpaper, etc.), you must send a request to the download endpoint returned under the photo.links.download_location property. More info & examples →

    View more about the API Guidelines →

  • Existing deprecations

    Some endpoints and behaviour have already been deprecated, and are no longer officially supported:

  • Reactor online. Initializing API changelog.

    We’ll be posting changes to the API starting from here. You can always find the current state of our API at https://unsplash.com/documentation